About Us

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The Board

Malek Tak is a Family owned Private Company located in the Raisin Capital of IRAN – Malekan.

The Name of Malek Tak means King of Vines and is derived from the two words Malekan City and Vine.

Malekan City of the Grape Production Hub are located in the East Azerbaijan Province and are known as the "Grape Goddess" and the "land of Golden Clusters".

Malekan has 81 Villages and about 30,000 Households.

70% of the people in the Region are Engaged in Agriculture in Vineyards due to the Weather conditions, which are considered as the main Job and a way to earn Money.

Our location in this City is important because We have Agricultural land with easy, fast, cheap and direct access to Grapes and Raisins.

Our Profession is to Prepare Dried Fruits and Nuts, but Raisins are Our specialty among this Food Family!

After Processing and Packing the Products, We Export and Send them to different parts of the World for Our Business Partners.

History & Expertise

A Long Family History


a few Decades ago Started

Our Family Started the Agricultural Profession a few Decades ago


1968 increase Productivity

In order to increase Productivity, they Pursued more Serious Activities since 1968 by Mechanizing their Agriculture.


1989became Suppliers

In 1989, We Started Our Business in the Field of Domestic Trade as Suppliers.


1991 became Producers

After two years, in 1991, Our Activities Expanded and we became Producers.


Now Global Attitude

Based on the Experience, Knowledge and Business Partners of Malek Tak Company in different Countries, We have now been able to Reach a point where We can Export Our Products to All Our Customers around the World

Work Procedure

We Procure Our materials directly from the Farmers We have Worked with for years. Our Manufacturers have been asked to Follow the exact instructions Provided by Our Company. They harvest the Product at the Right Maturity and Carry out the Drying Process in Very Hygienic Conditions.

As part of Our Quality Procedures, we have a Full Control of the Product from Agricultural lands to delivery. As part of this System, We carry out Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Analyses at All Required Stages of the Process. Our Technical Team is Fully trained and updated in Food Processing Procedures and Controls and as well as legislative Requirements.

Our Final Product Packaging comes from High Tech laser Sorters and Metal Detectors.

Strategy and Business

We are Committed to Continue investment in Our industry in order to deliver Consistent High Quality Products at Competitive Prices.

If you are interested in Making a large order, do not hesitate to ask Us for a sample in advance. Customer Satisfaction is one of Our Top Priorities, and We want Our Customers to know exactly what they are Purchasing.

Our Strategy is to always bring the Satisfaction of Our Business Partners with Us with Excellent Quality, good Profit and a Win-Win Memorandum, and to achieve more Growth and Progress by Continuing and Multiplying Our Activities.

It Will Be Our Pleasure To Receive Your Enquiries Which Will Have Our Special Attention.